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Michele Cribb Staff Photo

Class Schedule  


Mrs. Cribb’s Schedule


7:50—8:00             Morning Activities/Meeting

8:00—8:45             Social Studies or Science

8:45---9:15            Math Small Groups

9:15---10:15          Whole Group Lesson/Closing            

10:15---10:30         Read Aloud

10:30---11:15         Connections      

11:15              Cribb's HR Changes Classes to Hood's Class for: 

                       Reading, Writing, ELA, ELT (Horizon)

11:23---11:53       LUNCH    (Hood)                          

11:53---12:15       Recess    (Both Classes)

12:15---12:45      Social Studies or Science  (Hood)

12:45---1:15        Math Small Groups  (Hood)

1:15---2:15          Whole Group Math (Hood)

2:15---2:25         Pack Up (Both)