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Supply List 

2015-2016 Tiger Creek Elementary

4th Grade Supply List


There is a supply donation of $25.00. This helps us buy teaching materials, cleaning supplies, etc. Thank you!


***If you are unable to send in all of the supplies at once, please feel free to send them in as you can.***



·        1~One and a half inch three-ring binder with pockets on inside (for classroom use)

·        1~Pencil pouch for a three-ring binder

·        Mechanical pencils and extra lead if needed

·        1 pkg. red pens

·        1 pkg. highlighters

·        1 pkg. notebook paper (WIDE ruled, not college ruled)

·        crayons

·        3 glue sticks

·        3 boxes of tissues

·        1 roll of paper towels

·        1 ream of white copy paper

·        1 bottle of hand sanitizer

·        Clorox or Lysol wipes





***Students will be given a Homework Folder.***



***Please have a pencil at home for homework.***



No child will be denied participation if they can't pay the supply fee.