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Gutsy the Fox Visits TCE

Renaissance Guidelines

1. Students in grades 2-5 will be allowed to attend Renaissance activities if they have earned the grades(see guideline below). Behavior issues will NOT exclude ANY student from participation in Renaissance activities. Behavior is managed through PBIS (administration discretion will be on a case by case basis).

2. Student Renaissance eligibility will be determined by homeroom teachers in conjunction with specialeducation/EIP/Horizon teachers, as appropriate.

3. Renaissance activities will take place following each 9 week grade report.

4. All Renaissance students will be recognized with a certificate and reward.

5. Renaissance activities will be held during connection times by grade levels.

6. Connection teachers and parent volunteers will supervise Renaissance activities.

7. One connection teacher will supervise study hall for those students who were not eligibleforRenaissance. Study hall will be comprised of making up incomplete work or working on specificacademic skills, such as: math facts, sight words, etc... It will not be free time or game time.

Exemplary Attendance (2 or less absences, and 3 or less tardies) students in grades K-5 will berecognized each semester with a special activity and reward.

Students who earn Gold for all four grading periods will have a special activity at the end of the school year.

Students with All Year Perfect Attendance (no absences all year, and 3 or less tardies) in grades K-5 will be recognized at the end of the school year with a special activity.

Student of the Month: Each homeroom will select a student from their class that best displays the character trait for the month. Each homeroom will send to Mrs. Bridges, via e-mail, the name of their student by the assigned date of each month. Pictures will be taken each month and each student recognized.

GOLD: All As
BLUE: Bs and higher
WHITE: Cs and higher
SILVER: Making satisfactory progress AND exhibiting sufficient effort.