About TCE


Our mission: 
Always Learning
Always Safe and Positive

Always Supporting Others


We believe the best way to achieve the mission of our school is through mutual respect and collaboration with our community, faculty, staff, parents, and students. Through collaboration we;

  • Ensure needs of the whole child are met

  • Commit to the academic success of each student

  • Unite to achieve the common purpose of growth and learning at high levels with a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math

  • Collectively support each other through collaborative teams

  • Monitor student progress on a frequent basis with current data

Collective Commitments

In order to achieve our shared vision, Tiger Creek Elementary faculty and staff have made the following collective commitments.

  1. We will create and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, community, and all staff.

  2. We will work as positive, contributing members and communicate effectively.

  3. We will study, and clarify pacing of curriculum.

  4. We will guarantee a viable curriculum for all students. 

  5. We will monitor student learning and give timely feedback.

  6. We will utilize instructional strategies that will guide, engage, and challenge.

  7. We will use individual and small group learning.

  8. We will provide timely information and resources for parents.

  9. We will utilize available resources to meet the needs of the whole child. 

Schoolwide Goals:

  1. To provide a clean, safe, and positive environment 

  2. To create independent, critical thinkers and problem solvers 

  3. To improve student achievement

About The School

Tiger Creek Elementary

SchoolNestled by a rustling creek lies the best-kept secret in GA - Tiger Creek Elementary. TCE is a loving school-community where every family and child is valued and supported by master teachers, as they are challenged with high expectations.

Entering the school, you immediately feel the positive, inviting feeling that is evident throughout the building. Parents are viewed as partners and are invited to have training on the newest issues.

Teachers and staff give of their personal time to make sure the students have opportunities to enrich their lives - whether it is in fine arts such as drama and music performances, athletic activities such as track, or educational projects such as 4-H and reading promotions.

TCE is more than a school - it is the door to success for the future! Come in and join us on our educational journey.

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